Saturday, April 13, 2013

What's up with my Blogging, Lately??

I've been almost absent from the blogging world from quite some time and I just don't have an excuse!  I've been reading blogs but haven't contributed much myself!

Recently, my kids and I took a trip to Misissipi, and we all fell in love with my Mom's dog, Max.  He is a little bit spoiled!  That's him on the stool....he sits on that stool and watches my Mother cook....for as long as it takes!  Too funny, huh???

This one is my favorite!  He gets fed SOFT FOOD by hand!  She hand feeds, like a baby, all of his food so he will eat.  My dad handed a plate of that food one mornng and said..."here, you feed him" and I thought I may throw up in my coffee!"  The texture in my hands and the smell was appealing with my morning coffee believe me!

You know what the best part is.....Max is perfect for my parents!  He sits in their lap all day....lays down with my mom when she isn't feeling well and doesn't jump up and down on the furniture.  A perfect dog for a Grammy and Papa.!  Kudos to my sister for giving them this puppy last Christmas as a surprise gift!!

Have a great day!


  1. Great to see you are back!!!That little Max is so cute!

  2. Thanks Mary! It was a great trip but oh so glad to be back and painting in my art studio once again!